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If you have a smartphone, a laptop,
A television, or a game system,
Live in one of the few countries that
Strives for self-improvement,
Have access to a variety of
Styles of education and career,
Have more than ten pairs of clothes,
More than three meals a day,
More than one car or motorcycle,
More than one bathroom
And more than one bedroom
In your house or apartment,
A Bernie Sanders bumper sticker,
Or the means to acquire any
of those amenities in
The foreseeable future,
Then . . .

Regardless of your race,
Skin color, gender, sexuality,
belief system, or income bracket,
The level of privilege you enjoy
compared to people who don't
have those things is staggering.
So stop complaining about people
with very similar lifestyles
To your own, and find something
Useful to do. Help the people
Who need help. And don't do it
On Tumblr, Facebook, Reddit, or
Twitter. Do it for real.
An Open Letter To Social Justice Warriors
I suppose telling you that I'm a bisexual, mentally handicapped, lower-middle class, unemployed, college dropout, American Indian stay-at-home husband does nothing for you? Well, go fuck yourself.
People are dying. Muslims killed by muslims.
But to say Islam is the problem is bigotry?
Get off your high horse and deal with the fact

People are dying. There's a way to stop it.
Don't "tolerate" people who aren't tolerant.
Because violent intolerance is the reason

People are dying. Even if Sam Harris is racist,
Who gives a damn? I sure as hell don't.
Because Sam Harris isn't behind the fact

People are dying. But criticizing the killers
On the news shouldn't be the response.
The response should focus on keeping
Wear it proudly.
I was standing high upon a tower.
I had just seen a beautiful film.
And although the bullet had inspired me,
I decided I would jump on a whim.

I was going to land on the ground
Rather than fly towards space.
But maybe I'd still reach heaven,
If indeed there were such a place.

Melies might find that funny,
But I had forgot how to laugh.
My wife had died some years ago,
And I felt I lost a half.

My friend knew I was sour,
He said my pain might end.
But living through such pain
is like living for a friend.

Just before I go down,
I'd like a cigarette.
Pairs well with loire,
Or at least I would bet.
To The Moon
Another somewhat macabre poem. Pairs well with loire.
Jak and Daxter Precursor Compass
The NEWS letters on the map for The Precursor Legacy are different from the official ones.
The moon was bright and the sky was not
When a woman screamed during robbery.
As punishment, what the fair lady got
Was the dagger on Oliver Body.

The police came, and their wagons lurched
It was more than just a hobby.
But despite reports, they searched
And found no trace of Oliver Body.

A termagant was cold come frostfall,
And found herself sleeping in a potty.
But she awoke to a subtle call;
One that came from Oliver Body.

The doctors came, and their wagons rolled,
The ice made riding quite shoddy.
The woman didn't wake until by the bold
Attack from Oliver Body.

The daughter of the mayor did pass
When she slipped in a dress quite gaudy.
When the priest paused mid-Mass,
And she stood with Oliver Body.

The experts said she was given a drug
That would make her head noddy,
And later on a man came and dug
Up every bit of her-Oliver Body.

They couldn't find her anywhere,
No matter how much the mayor'd lobby.
Because he had gotten rid of her,
Hidden her away (Oliver Body).

Oliver was once a tanner of hide,
Whose in-laws both were haughty.
Things changed when his bride died.
He no longer had Oliver Body.

He searched the books to find a way
To spark back her eyes so tawny.
But once back she needed to stay,
And he also needed Oliver Body.

His book revealed a ritual
Of sacrifices not rotting.
To bring back one, he needed two,
To bring back Oliver Body.

He had the two girls he plugged,
And despite his stomach knotting,
He also had the girl he loved,
He had his precious, Oliver Body.

With the corpses aligned,
He began verbally prodding.
Painted in ink: a design.
Painted in blood: Oliver Body.

But when he had concluded,
Of death his bride wasn't free.
He had polluted his mind,
And desecrated Oliver Body.


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Shannon Richey
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I am a 20 year old living in Utah. I originally got an account to try and up my art skills with a comedy sci-fi webcomic, which I might have done, but having only MS paint, it was hard regardless of my skill and hurt my hand badly. During my first year at high school, I developed a love for writing in all of its forms, which encompasses most of my recent stuff uploads to the site. Many of my poems, stories, essays and so on contain swears, and some even contain grammatical errors, so sorry in advance.
  • Listening to: Queen
  • Reading: Kubla Khan
  • Watching: One Piece
  • Playing: PoleRiders
  • Eating: Ramen
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Just worried about the stuff I wrote at school that I can't get to and my never be able to access again. Better get over there some time soon and retrieve my poetry and short stories.


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